Connect to China consumers by KOL campaigns and Ads retargeting

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We connect major social platforms to Ads and EC platforms

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We connect major social platforms to Ads and EC platforms

Case study - KOL campaign + Ad retargeting improve EC conversion

Strategy: The brand's message was presented to the audience in the form of Native feeds through 10 KOLs and 13 posts.
Exposed UV 2XX, XX7; Unexposed UV 1XXX, XX8
Results: Ad retargeting increased EC conversions by more than 300 percent

Recognition from Top 500 companies

17 years of digital marketing experience, YOYI TECH has served more than 1,000 brands, covering 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

With the help of YOYI TECH, Red Star Macalline realized the data-driven collaboration of consumers, products and channels, and realized the transformation from "managing channels" to "managing consumers".

Red Star Macalline Asia

Through a complete set of public domain + private domain influence closed loop, not only changed the stereotype of consumers on Meike Meijia, but also increased the number of online new users year by year, and obtained a more long-term and sustainable transformation of quality and effect.

Markor Furnishings

YOYI TECH helped us break through the traditional luxury marketing model, improve brand influence and conversion rate, and ultimately, increase the overall ROI and achieve double returns in branding and performance.


YOYI tied in our strategy to achieve business impacting digital transformation and fundamentally changed the way we communicate with our consumers.


YOYI and Lenovo jointly build a consumer-centric intelligent marketing platform that allows us to use data more efficiently than ever and exert its potential value more effectively.


To achieve new growth in omnichannel

Choose YOYI TECH and become a member of 1000+ successful enterprises

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